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The EU referendum saw the leave campaign produce an unprecedented number of lies.
As the same people are trying to rewrite history and sweep unfeasible brexit promises under the carpet, this page will help you get wise and not fall for false prophets again.
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Lies, listed
£350 MILLIONS for the NHS
the lie: The Leave campaign had that expensive looking bright red bus saying we'd give the £350m to the NHS instead of the EU every week. Their site was even counting how many hospitals they could build with that.
Independent (via web archive)
the truth: They didn't wait too long before saying that was a lie. The day after the referendum Nigel Farage himself said it was all tosh. Yes, even you Nigel, promised those, despite what you said afterwards! And only a few months later, we have Theresa May admitting it as well. What a scam.
Indy 100 Independent
Brexit will be good for the economy
the lie: As the Remain campaign warned of all the hardship we'd be facing, leave said we'd be OK, that we shouldn't listen to experts.
the truth: THEY KNEW! They knew all the sh!t we were going to have to face, but the few who told us to leave have enough money in the bank, enough soulless political ambition, enough disdain for you and me, they played and betrayed all of us in a heartbeat... See below as the truth is coming out and leave claims are getting debunked one after the other!
Financial Times Independent Independent BBC News
We'll keep access to the EU single market and we'll stop EU immigration
the lie: This is otherwise known as having your cake and eat it.
Sky News via brexitballs
the truth: After it lost its absolute majority in Parliament, the Government has been dithering about getting a hard or a soft brexit. Voices from brexit estremists claim we will be able to trade under WTO rules, even though it's far from guaranteed. Worse, it appears only one country in the World trades under WTO rules only: everyone else trades under deals that include such provisions as freedom of movement or other compromises. We may still be able to sell goods in the EU but with prohibitive tariffs, making us uncompetitive. And trading with the rest of the World will not be easy either.
James Hardy NewsWeek
We'll have the same benefits outside the EU
the lie: During the referendum campaign we were promised everything would be the same outside the EU.
the truth: Dream on! Davis Davis is now saying 'Exact same benefits' was never a promise.
Metro Independent
They (the EU) need us more than we need them
the lie: Leave campaigners kept saying we'd get a good deal because the EU exports more to us than we to them.
the truth: Well, when seen from a European perspective, the UK is not such a big number: the EU exports everywhere thanks to its deals and within itself. Addionally, German people - and that includes businesses - highly value the EU political project, so they are ready to make a few sacrifices. Finally, the ECB's efforts to help the EuroZone are starting to pay back nicely.
Telegraph BBC News
Immigrants are taking our jobs / lowering our wages!
the lie: Nigel Farage and his mates have been telling us again and again that our jobs were at risk because of immigration
the truth: No, they aren't. In fact they seem to CREATE jobs instead! (Think about it: any immigrant will buy food, clothes, etc. That creates jobs) The only time they *may* take a tiny amount of jobs is when there is a crisis, and that's only low-qualified jobs (that no-one seems to want anyway). Reduction in wage may happen, but one it's very low and two, it only happens in case of MASSIVE immigration which is not our case. Talking about crises by the way, there's a massive one brewing...
Low skilled Immigrants are taking Britons' jobs
the lie: If you are unskilled then an immigrant is probably taking your job and lowering wages all round
the truth: Studies after studies prove again and again that isn't true
In Facts Guardian Independent
We'll keep valuable EU agencies
the lie: Many brexit politicians used a reassuring tone to promise everyone valuable EU agencies would stay in the UK in case of brexit
Government, via The Sun
the truth: The EU has just decided where the European Medicine Agency and the European Banking Authority will go: Amsterdam and Paris
We'll be fine trading under WTO rules, Easy!
the lie: If we are not part of the Single Market, of course we can access it under WTO rules, or so think brexiters...
the truth: Actually, no we can't. We are only part of the WTO as part of the EU. Outside, it's back to square one and joining is nothing easy, as the Financial Times explains. Please have a look at the pretty good blog entry from - not even kidding - Leave HQ which explains while trading under WTO rules only is NOT a goood idea anyway!
Leave HQ Sunday Express (Not even kidding!) FT
We have a mandate to leave the single market
the lie: Whoever you hear about brexit on the leave side says people voted to leave the single market / the customs union / etc. They say the referendum gave them a mandate to do so, and that they clearly said before the vote that we would leave the Single Market
the truth: Well really? I mean just watch the Video. It was either lies before or lies now. You decide.
Various Sources (TV)
Immigration is out of control!
the lie: Nigel Farage had another infamous moment with his breaking point poster. He was also confusing different issues: EU immigration, non-EU immigration and refugees
The Courrier (reporting the fuss)
the truth: You may disagree on whether there is too much immigration or not, but every one deserves to have the truth to make up their mind. It turns out one Theresa May, then Home Secretary, fiddled with the numbers. The media played hard, in fact some played dirty, like the Sun who were obliged to publish a correction. It now appears we are NOT overrun with immigration!
In Facts Independent
We want to regain control from the EU!
the lie: The EU is deciding for us, we're not writing our own laws anymore, it's all in the hands of unelected Eurocrats
the truth: It turns out UK politics is in the pocket of big money. Who calls the shots really are a bunch of b/millionaires who have been elected... NOT! At least the European Commissaries swear an oath not to listen to lobbies... Talk about regaining control... It's more like now we're in the hands of a few fat cats... We always had control, if we'd wanted to use it...
Independent Politico Guardian
Immigration is bad for the economy!
the lie: Here and there, Farage and the Daily Mail keep saying immigration is bad for the economy
the truth: Well, it seems that countries who opened their doors to immigration are actually doing pretty well. After all the American model of success rode a huge immigration wave from the mid 19th century onwards. Closer to us it seems Sweden and Germany are doing very well out of immigration!
New Statesman Pound Sterling Live independent
The EU is corrupt
the lie: During the referendum campaign, the leave camp kept saying the EU was a corrupt institution
the truth: It turns out, that actually, EU accounts have been signed off for a while now. Additionallly, any level of fraud is way below that of most national budgets.
Richard Corbett MEP
Student visas used to come and stay illegally
the lie: Leave Campaigners have been pushing the immigrant button and saying many come to the UK on a student visa but then fail to go back in massive numbers.
the truth: Another story incriminates Theresa May and her Government in which numbers have been badly misreported.
Immigrants come here to sponge benefits!
the lie: Immigrants come here because they are attracted by our generous benefit system and will sponge it.
the truth: From the report linked below, \"Our results suggest a clearly positive contribution by European immigrants in terms of what they pay into the fiscal system versus what they receive in benefits and transfers. Immigrants from non-EEA countries, on the other hand, contribute less than they receive; however, this outcome is similar, albeit larger in magnitude, to natives, who also make a negative net contribution over the same period.\"
Mirror International Business Times CReAM - UCL
Free trade with EU post-Brexit!
the lie: Liam Fox, our Secretary of State for International Trade (yes, the one calling UK businesses 'Lazy') is claiming we can trade frely in the EU after the brexit divorce is consumed. That would be really cool, wouldn't it?
the truth: Let's just say the BBC page concludes the article with the phrase: 'Nobody in the government has the first idea of what they're going to do next on the Brexit front'...
BBC News
We'll stop giving money to the EU
the lie: Of course, one of the reasons to leave the EU would be to stop contributing money to it. The 'lie' link also says we'd stop propping the Euro, note that as a non Euro country we don't have to anyway...
Vote Leave (via web archive)
the truth: Seems that our national treasure Boris Johnson is kind of trying to gloss over the subject and preparing us to the fact that we'll have to contribute anyway! To be fair, that would be the case if we got a soft brexit: we keep access to the single market but we have to accept EU immigration AND pay into the EU coffers: Says The Sun: 'Boris refused to commit to fully ending all UK contributions to the Brussels budget every year.' It doesn't look great for removing the VAT off fuel bills either. However, Bojo and Fox say they're going for a hard Brexit. Would that mean pay the EU AND not having access to its market?!
The EU is bossing us around
the lie: Boris Johnson and his mates are saying Brussels is bossing us around
the truth: Well as the video shows this is not the case at all. In fact, we get our will imposed onto the other 27 EU states. Spoiler: the score is 2466 Wins for us against 56 losses. We rule! Actually, with Brexit, we lose our say, we lose it all....
We're giving £350 millions to the EU every week
the lie: Remember that big red bus?
the truth: It turns out we are actually giving half that sum to the EU. There is no way we can give £350 millions to the NHS instead as that would deprive UK beneficiaries (say Farmers or some Welsh cities) of resources vital to them
Bloomberg HMRC
We're selling coffee to Brazil
the lie: That was an interesting Monday. The £ fell on the announcement of a hard brexit, but fortunately Andrea Leadsom reassured us we are selling coffee to Brazil.
the truth: Seriously? We grow coffee? In Britain?
Political Scrapbook
The EU has infiltrated our Universities
the lie: According to brexiters who seem to be running out of arguments, Universities who get EU subsidies corrupt the minds of our young people.
the truth: What now? Well it seems that EU money is not the best way to turn you into a remainer as arch-brexiter Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre received £88,000 in EU subsidies in 2014
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