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brexit promised a lot of things: sovereignty, preserved -free- access to the single market, more prosperity and £350 millions extra to the NHS every week. We now know these were all lies, there is no prosperity ahead, no money for the NHS, no more EU moeny for farmers and no more freedom to go work, live and love in 27 other countries.

Other countries will abuse us to get deals they want, not the ones we need.

With the resumption of violence looming in Northern Ireland, see the consequences of the brexit lies below.

If still in doubt, then just read this... It's all the EU is about.

£350 millions for the NHS
£ZERO and privatisation! More...
We'll take back control!
We never lost it anyway. More...
We'll trade with the World!
Nope. No-one's interested. More...
The economy will BOOM!
No, it's busted. More...
Immigrants take our jobs!
An old nazi lie. More...

brexit lies have consequences:

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